Going Green at Cabinet Town

Cabinet Town, a strong supporter of environmental sustainability, offers highly innovative “green products” that help maintain the health of our planet. As a firm believer in producer responsibility, we have actively designed our manufacturing processes and company policies and procedures to reduce the impact on the environment.

We accomplish this by:

  • Recycling waste material – such as office paper, cardboard, packaging materials and sawdust
  • Focusing on Sustainable Forestry and purchasing from companies that embrace sustainable, environmentally sound practices
  • Our green plywood conforms to the California Air Regulatory Board (CARB) Standards with Formaldehyde levels less than 0.1%
  • Optimizing material through the use of CAD manufacturing for both cabinets and countertops, leaving little room for waste
  • Manufacturing our cabinet hanging rails using wood cut offs
  • Offering a variety of “Green” countertop surfaces
  • Using a stone countertop fabrication process consisting of 100% recycled water
  • Recycling all of our stone waste
Green Door offerings
    • BAMBOO:

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource. As one of the fastest growing plants in the world, Bamboo reaches maturity in just a few short years. We offer both solid cored and veneered Bamboo doors in a variety of styles and finishes.

    • LYPTUS:

Lyptus is a strain of eucalyptus, which is always farmed rather than taken from virgin forests. It is a hard wood, similar to hickory, with very attractive grain characteristics. As with Bamboo, we offer both solid cored and veneered Lyptus doors in a variety of styles and finishes.


Cabinet Town’s Savoy Door is made exclusively with green plywood. It is a simple and sleek slab door offered in a natural maple finish.

Green Countertop Offerings

Cabinet Town offers several choices of environmentally friendly, green countertops. These surfaces are ideal for projects seeking LEED points. Our environmentally friendly cleaning and adhesive products, Stone Zero, assure a “green” experience from start to finish.


IceStone is VOC-free and made of 75% recycled product, including recycled glass and pottery. It is the only countertop material with Cradle to Cradle Certification from MBDC. This means using environmentally safe materials, designed from recycled products; manufactured with renewable energy and energy efficiency; using water efficiently within production; and instituting policies of social responsibility. IceStone is available in 24 colors, which can be viewed by clicking on the link above.


Quartz is one of the world’s most abundant materials and is available in far greater quantities than any other stone. Cabinet Town manufactures three brands of quartz materials, all of which have low or no VOC admissions and are GREENGUARD Certified. For specific information on each of these products click on any of the links listed below.

      • CeasarStone Quartz Surfaces
      • SileStone by Cosentino
      • DuPont Zodiaq



DuPont’s Zodiaq Terra Collection is a quartz material that incorporates at least 50% pre-consumer recycled glass. This product is GREENGUARD Certified.


DuPont’s Corian Terra Collection is a solid surface material that contains 6% pre-consumer recycled content, including seven colors that contain 13%. This product uses low emitting materials, adhesives and sealants and is also GREENGUARD Certified.


Cabinet Town is proud to offer a line of VOC compliant countertop care products. This product line consists of sealers, cleaners, enhancers and polishers that can be used on granite, marble, quartz and many other stone/solid surfaces. The perfect accessory to your LEED certified projects.