1. Dupont Corian ® :

Cabinet Town is a wholesale manufacturing and distribution company that specializes in working with trade professionals. From the contractor to the residential homeowner, Cabinet Town saves time and money at every stage of the project. Our specialists measure each job, design to each customer’s specifications and see every project through to completion. We stand behind our products and designs to ensure that your experience is a pleasurable one.


A Corian sink is the most attractive complement to a Corian countertop. Corian sinks come in a range of colors, sizes, and designs.


2. Zodiaq ® :

Zodiaq is an easy to maintain Quality Crystal surfacing product made by DuPont.While it is similar looking to some kinds of natural stone. Zodiaq can be a preferable alternative for a number of reasons:

  • Like DuPont’s Corian product, Zodiaq is also non-porous. Because Zodiaq and Corian are non- porous, they are the only ‘F.D.A. Approved” food-preparation surfaces other than stainless steel.
  • Like DuPont’s Corian product, Zodiaq is also covered by a 10-year installed Warrenty.
  • Zodiaq is much stronger than natural granite and will be less likely to break during the manufacture and installation process. Broken granite tops often cause long scheduling delays during the construction process. ( Non to mention frustration over the lost “Perfect Slab”.)
  • Zodiaq’s color is consistent as well. When viewing a sample of a Zodiaq color, one can expect the resulted product to have the same appearance.


3. Custom CNC :

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and refers to a computer (the controller) that reads G code (the language) that drives a piece of machinery that in turn cuts the specified job. This is how we are able to insure the accuracy of your project. Not only have we applied this technology to the manufacturing of countertops but have been able to utilize it for several diverse projects. Custom large radiused parts for cabinet makers are machined from particle board, MDF, as well as laminated panels. Large conference tables can be partitioned out of a drawing, cut out and then reassembled on site.


Custom signage and inlays are made possible using our CNC equipment. Also a unique process of reverse engraving in solid surface results in a back lit image that has a surprising realism once illuminated. Another example is how a company uses our CNC technology to recreate pinball playfields for the direct replacement in vintage pinball games.


Perhaps Solid Surface Creation’s, Inc. could help your company realize increased accuracy, time savings, and cost effective production for your next project.